Crayseal GP-G1 Silicon Sealant-Premium

Product Details

CRAYSEAL GP is a high quality single component acetic cure silicone sealant which vulcanizes on exposure to moisture in the air at room temperature, to produce a flexible elastomeric sealant. It is suitable for all common construction and glazing application. It is easy to apply and offers excellent adhesion to a variety of nonporous substrates such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles and aluminum. It is resistant to ozone, ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes.


  • Easy to use one component type.
  • Fast curing
  • Permanently elastic
  • Very good unprimed adhesion
  • Antifungal to suit sanitary and wet area applications
  • Cures at room temperature at ambient humidity conditions.
  • Outstanding adhesiveness to many non porous substrates, including Glass, Glazed Ceramics, Aluminum, Masonry, some Plastics etc …
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, moisture, ozone, UV, temperature Extremes etc…